The society of Electric enterprises (SENEL) has been created in 1985. it is a society to limited responsibility whose social capital rises to 50 000 dinarses. She has for main activity the electric service benefit.

Performances of the SENEL

Since its creation, the strength of the SENEL didn't stop increasing. Indeed it passed of 25 employees in 1985 to 60 to 96 employees in 2003
During the last three years, the business number of the SENEL didn't stop increasing regular way to reach a rate of increase of the order of 20% during the year 2003. Currently, the SENEL positions himself appropriately notably in the following activities:

-The backing of the STEG network by the slant of installation and installation of stations electric very high tension, high tension, average tension and bass tension.
- The installation of the programmable automatons of humid phosphate handling chain
- he installation of antennas of the telecommunication network.

Benefits of the SENEL are destined in national enterprises as well that to the undertaken foreign. The client principals of the SENEL at the level national are the CPG, the STEG, SONEDE, ONAS, etc…. Principals foreign customers are AREVA exes. ALSTOM, SIEMENS, ABB (Italy, Spain, Germany) FKI England, SCHNEIDER France GEMMO Italy.